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Commando Vanessa announces its first collaborative action:

the final album by Belgian based musiciant CHRISTOPHE CLEBARD will be co-released in different formats with MAISON DE RETRAITE, BLOC NOTE and SWALLOWING HELMETS. Titled "SSS", the album will be out via Commando Vanessa on a limited special edition tape on February 4th, 2020. Christophe Clébard, enfant terrible of synth punk scene, plays a crappy synth and a drum-machine to painfully celebrate love, loss and pain. Live, he hooks the audience with a naked performance that reminds of a panick attack you will never forget. If love is a lost battle, why not fight the pain using distorted melodies and intoxicating rythms.


Commando Vanessa announces its second combined action:

"II", the debut album by Japanese noise artist YUKO ARAKI, out on tape and digitally on October 17th, 2019. Trained pianist, fan of extreme punk and hardcore, drummer of the wonderful KUUNATIC, Yuko Araki delivers intergalactic noise fused synthscapes through her exceptional sound processing sensibility.


Commando Vanessa announces its first combined action:

the debut album by Italian musician MOTHER, out on tape and digitally on October 2nd, 2019. A long time agitator of the Turin music scene, MOTHER (solo project of Tommaso Bonfilio of SabaSaba) uses a mixture of tape cut-ups, crooked percussions, stretched voice and some random languishing instruments to convey an album filled with deep sweet and sour darkness in form of perverted songs as if in a collaboration between William Burroughs and Martin Rev.